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An entrée of advice at Penn State Abington’s “Learn at Lunch”

BushAt a business career event for students called a “Learn at Lunch,” one student learned a valuable lesson in the perils of leaving one’s cell phone on. As the sound of a ringtone filled the air, Robert J. Bush, a panelist for the business event, seized the opportunity to tell Penn State Abington students that carelessness is fatal to a job interview. His advice was blunt and well-said: “If your phone goes off, the interview is over.”

Hosted by the Career Development Center, Learn at Lunch events focus on preparing students for specific fields of employment. This semester, the Career Development Center offered two such programs, one focused on careers in science and the other on careers in business.

At the science event, Healthcare Executive Richard Jones suggested four science careers that fell into current areas of employment growth: physician’s assistant, biomedical and robotic engineer, and wellness and informatics positions. Citing the more than 60 different career paths he witnessed as CEO at Abington Health system, he told students the value of trying things on for size. “Start early to see if these roles are a good fit,” he suggested. “You must show persistence and a desire to perform.”

Stephanie Grande, a science teacher at Abington Jr. High School, and Bradley Palmer, science department chair at Abington Sr. high school, also served on the panel for the science Lunch and Learn.

Abington faculty members in attendance encouraged students to field test their aptitude for science by participating in ACURA, Abington College Undergraduate Research Activities.


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