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Alumni Inspiring Future Alumni

The Career Development Office put on a great event for students called Creative Careers in Integrative Arts. The office brought in a panel to talk to their students panel speakersabout their interesting careers to inspire students to think outside the box when looking for jobs.  Among those present were alumni, Tom McDonnell, Joan Robbins, and Jodi Goren Rode.

This event was one filled with inspiration and advice for the students. Though the panelists careers were very different, one message remained the same; work hard and keep moving forward. Tom McDonnell, a 2004 Penn State Abington Graduate, advised students to create their own path to get to where they wanted to go. Tom is the Director of Event Services for Comcast at the Wells Fargo Center. He started working for them through programs in high school and college and was able to land a job after graduation because of his hard work.

2 Penn State Alumni who happened to have worked together in the entertainment business, Jodi Goren-Rode and Emmy award winner Joan Robbins both encouraged students to never give up and never say no. Joan told the audience to never tell anyone you can’t do something and Jodi added that you need to be open to new things. Jodi, a writer,producer, editor and director for the Food Network’s hit show Restaurant Impossible, explained to students that you need to wear many hats because you never know what’ll you need to do.

DSC_0067A professor at Penn State Abington and musician, John Pachence added that self-motivation is extremely important because if you aren’t going to push yourself to succeed, no one else will. You need to ask yourself how badly you want it.

These alumni were able to inspire students to work for their dreams and to not be discouraged when someone tells you you can’t do it. The panelists left the audience with one piece of advice; wake up every morning doing something you love.

It’s events like these that help students the most. They are able to see first hand  extremely successful alumni who were once in their shoes and made something of themselves after their time at Penn State. Now that’s inspiration!



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