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Lion Showcase Throughout the Years

By 2013 LEAP President, Alex Rose

Lion Showcase is the annual talent competition held on campus by the programming board, Lares Entertainment And Programming. This year Lion Showcase 2013 was the 10th anniversary of the talent show! LEAP had the unique opportunity to once again show the diversity and talent that exists at Penn State Abington. The efforts to plan this amazing event began 3 months prior to its occurrence. The members of LEAP and Lion Productions worked to create a show that was exciting, energetic and fun! They were proud to be able to deliver entertainment by the students, for the students. For the occasion, we had in attendance John Pachence (history of rock and roll Professor), Stephanie O’Dea (Director of the AbingTones Choir) and Valerie Tkatch (Penn State Abington Alumni). All three judges were well received by the audience and had an amazing time witnessing the various talents of the contestants. The talent show was hosted by Michael Dean Ester and he got a great review. This year we had talents such as yo yo aerobics, musical performances ranging from mashup’s to hip hop dancing. Last years winners Abington Dance Crew gave a performance during the intermission portion of the show that wowed the audience. Musical duo James Rose and James Cannon were the winners of the 2013 Lion Showcase talent show! Congratulations to all the contestants for showcasing their talents. This 10th Anniversary was the biggest year yet. It has grown so much from it’s start in 2003 and LEAP members are certain it will continue to grow especially with the help of alumni coming back to support the show. So keep an eye out for those facebook event notifications and we will see you next year!!

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