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Abington THON Alumni Stay Connected

On December 30th, twenty past Abington THONers reunited to reminisce about the amazing times that they had fighting pediatric cancer together.  The Penn State Dance Marathon is an organization that brings many people together and forms a bond that will last a lifetime. Alumni continue to go to THON events held by the students to show support for the organization that they once gave all their time to as undergraduate students.


Group of THONers from 3 years ago

2012 Graduate, Rebecca Walters, says, “It was so nice to be able to see people that I haven’t seen in a while. We were able to talk about all of our THON memories such as events, kids we’ve met or dancing the 46 hours. We also were able to talk about how we want to continue to support THON for the rest of our lives.”

The group was made up of dancers, THON Chairs, and executive board members from the past eight years. They try to stay connected as much as possible but it gets difficult when some live as far as Georgia and Florida. The group was so excited when they were able to hold a reunion at the Drake Tavern in Jenkintown.

Melissa Hackett who graduated in 2011 and now lives in Florida explains, “The THON reunion was a great opportunity for me to reconnect with the people that became a second family to me during my time with Abington THON. THON has taught us to look at life differently, and never take a day for granted. I will always be involved in this amazing organization because it does such amazing things for kids and families that are battling pediatric cancer.

This is an event that they hope will continue and become a tradition. As years go on they hope that this event will grow so that new alumni can meet and talk about their THON experiences with people who have as much passion for the organization as they do.

If you were a part of an organization at Penn State Abington that would like to have a reunion, please contact Jillian Mensch at .


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