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Alan Verbit ’64

AlanVerbit_Portrait+2014We all hold onto special moments in our lives, as they become puzzle pieces filled with love and memories. This was no different for Alan Verbit ‘64, who witnessed the Saturn V launches of the Apollo Program. “It is one of few experiences that still affects me today,” recalls the Penn State alum.

Mr. Verbit spent his first two years at Penn State Abington (Ogontz.) He enjoyed the intimate campus atmosphere before moving to the University Park campus to finish his studies in Industrial Engineering and Philosophy. Today, he shares good feelings with Penn State. “Far above anything else, Penn State provided me with a solid preparation to the real world. My college experience was unforgettable and was also a challenge,” he says.

Mr. Verbit’s career spans over a half century. He has enjoyed positions as a senior research engineer in America’s Apollo manned Lunar Landing Program, senior management consultant at an international accounting firm, manufacturing executive at a garment manufacturer, founder and director of a boutique management and technology consultancy, and Global Support Manager at SAP America, before returning to his consultancy practice. More recently, he has taught classes in business, business law and information technology at a local community college.

The graduate’s ambition and drive didn’t stop after Penn State; he carried his knowledge in engineering to New Orleans when given the opportunity to work with Boeing and continue studies at Tulane University. One of his job responsibilities included engineering management for building the S-IC stage of the Saturn V rocket. At Boeing, he gained a significant amount of working knowledge about the space program before he secured a transfer to the Kennedy Space Center in east Central Florida. He developed inventory controls for managing spare parts. Afterwards, Mr Verbit joined the investigative team for NASA’s first spacecraft accident in 1967. He then joined Boeing’s Technical Integration and Evaluation team to support NASA’s Apollo Program Management.

With industrial experience in engineering and business, he began his consulting career working with clients in healthcare and manufacturing. He then accepted a management position at a local garment manufacturer, and worked for multinational software corporation SAP America. Along the way he established his first consultancy. Based in Bala Cynwyd, PA, VERBIT & COMPANY – Consultants to Management which provides project oversight and evaluation, logistical planning and solutions to businesses.  As emerging technologies are adopted, he works closely with small and growing company clients to ensure a successful consulting experience.

When asked about advice for current students, he recommends that job applicants learn more about the company’s values and history before the interview. “It is important for a student to be capable of holding an intelligent conversation with the interviewer. Try to understand the company’s core values and what makes them successful,” he explains.

Today, Mr. Verbit is a Special Advisor to Penn State’s Lunar Lion XPrize Team, the first ever university-led mission to the Moon. Sponsored by Google, this competition will earn $30 million dollars to the first team to safely land an unmanned spacecraft on the surface on the moon, have it send high-resolution images back to its mission control center, then travel 500 meters over the surface and repeat gathering and sending images back. This is an exciting moment to witness our University make space exploration history!


For more information on this project, please visit the link below.

Mr. Verbit may be contacted at



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Alan C Verbit

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