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Susan Croushore

Susan Croushore is currently the interim president and CEO of Mercy Health System of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Aside from being a proud Penn State alumna who studied medical technology, Susan also received her MBA from La Salle University and her MS Microbiology from Thomas Jefferson University. Susan Croushore

Croushore enjoyed her Penn State journey, as she wanted the benefits of a public university experience, especially the opportunity to meet diverse and interesting students from around the state as well as the country. She started out as an English major as she is an avid reader but soon switched to science for a career path. Croushore recalls playing intramural hockey and admiring the beauty and peacefulness of the Ogontz (Abington) campus. “I definitely had a memorable time at the friendly, warm learning environment of Ogontz before transitioning to the Penn State University Park campus. Penn State Ogontz (Abington) was a wonderful introduction to college before moving onto the large, fast paced university park campus,” says Croushore.

Outside of work, the avid reader is interested in exploring nature, traveling to different places and spending time with family and friends. Croushore likes biking, hiking and bad golfing as well. Similarly, volunteering is also a big part of Croushore’s life, in which she feels it’s “…part of giving back and feeling good about what you do for the world.” She currently serves the American Heart Association on a National Committee as well as the Affiliate Board where she recently completed a two year term as chair.

The Penn State alumna credits her success to working hard and having some good luck. Her current motto is “enjoy every sunrise and every sunset.” It reflects her desire to appreciate the natural world and to live in the moment as life goes by so quickly. She explained that her inspirations often come from leaders who have made a difference, such as Abe Lincoln. “I admire Abraham Lincoln and his leadership style. He truly was a great servant leader.”


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