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YoFresh! A Community Partner


What’s better than a nice cold yogurt with some fresh fruit and nuts sprinkled on top? Not much, especially with this hot weather we’ve been having… But when I went to YoFresh! this past week I was not only offered some delicious desserts, I also was greeted with big smiles, a relaxed atmosphere and a really nice man who I got the pleasure of getting to know…

His name was Rick, and Rick is the store manager at YoFresh! Frozen Yogurt Restaurant. YoFresh! is a new frozen yogurt café near Whole Foods in Jenkintown that has become very active in the Penn State community. The owner, Dan Jacoby is a Penn State Alum and his manager, Rick is doing everything in his power to continue support of PSA! Sitting down and talking with Rick, I learned that YoFresh! has over 20 flavors of yogurt, including no sugar added recipes, non-dairy yogurts, and soft serve! They also have a full juice bar and smoothie shop. YoFresh! Is also very active on Penn State Abington’s campus; they helped fund our summer camp for kids by providing over 100 t-shirts and also come to campus to serve samples of their top yogurts. Have you tried them yet?! They’re delightful! I was impressed with how many opportunities YoFresh! and Rick want to make available to our students. If a student organization wants to raise money, YoFresh! is willing to host fundraisers and parties for clubs of Penn State. Cool right?! Rick was very passionate about the students; he reminisced what is was like when we was a student, and he said it was a wonderful time! More than anything, he’d love to go back! He admitted that if he could get one do-over he’d major in Marketing and Graphic Design, because it would just be a lot of fun! Now getting into the field of service, he said, has given him a lot of great experiences and he truly loves his job…you can see his passion when you sit down and talk to him. Fair warning to students though, he says, “this is not a job for everyone… you must be passionate. You must be ready to commit everything to the service industry. You will have to work late nights, and every weekend, but it’s worth it, if you love it!” The experience I had at YoFresh! was wonderful. The service was great, the atmosphere was comfortable and modern, and the yogurt was so refreshing!

If you stop by, don’t forget to thank them for their support of Penn State! If you are a company who would like to get involved in campus please don’t hesitate to contact us 215-881-7368.

To get more information on YoFresh, like their Facebook page here! 


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