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Greg Sosson

Penn State memories are still very vivid to this Penn State engineering alumnus of 1987. However, one of the most important ones dates back to a football game day in 1992. Gregory Sosson, in Penn State University’s HUB, pulled out a diamond ring to his now wife, Mrs. Diane Esmond Sosson. Both Greg and Diane were photoattired in Penn State t-shirts and according to Greg; the Penn State couple can’t even recall the game because their proposal moment was one of the most memorable highlights after graduating at Penn State.

“We were struck by the moment,” Greg, now a director of engineering at PSEG Nuclear, LLC recalls. “I don’t even remember who Penn State was playing against. It was just a very a special moment for us.” Although Mr. Sosson wanted to propose to his wife who is also a Penn State engineering alum – by the Nittany lion shrine, he still accomplished to make it a memorable and special day aside from the pouring rain. These are just a start of a few flash backs of Penn State for Greg- he has many more accomplishments and memories with Penn State and especially Penn State Abington that he cherishes.

Greg Sosson was able to attend Penn State because of a scholarship from Army ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Crops). He later became an infantry officer in the United States Army National Guard. As an engineering student, Greg knew from the beginning at Penn State Abington that he couldn’t resist math and science. He enjoyed many engineering classes because they interested him the most, especially his Physics 202 summer session class.

Greg is a very accomplished engineer with PSEG Nuclear and leads teams of engineers to implement projects at the nuclear plants. Greg, as he says in his own words to young engineers – that, “It’s important to push yourself to do things that aren’t easy and to develop into that habit for life.” Indeed he did. Greg took the hardest classes of engineering and worked hard in ROTC to eventually be commissioned.

Apart from working hard at Abington, Mr. Sosson was a member of the Penn State Abington Student Government as cadet commander for Ogontz Army ROTC, as well enjoyed his time on campus with his friends. He often went rock climbing and mostly spent his spare time outdoors. According to Greg, he is still in touch with his Penn State friends.

photo.jpg greg2“Penn State Abington was one of the molding parts of my life,” Greg Sosson said, “I felt prepared after Penn State Abington and that helped me a lot at Penn State main campus.” Greg talked a lot about feeling always prepared and organized at Abington because of the professors and the warm environment of the campus. He appreciates his time with his real world experienced professors, especially Dr. Robinson.

Greg has been involved in hiring within his company. They have hired Penn State engineering students with sophomore or higher experience for summer internships. PSEG Nuclear also leads estuary enhancement programs to ensure the aquatic life around the nuclear power plants thrive, working the NJDEP (New Jersey Department of Environment Protection).

“We are currently working on a special project to make changes to the facilities based on lessons learned from the deadly 2011 great earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The tsunami damaged the Fukushima power plants.” according to Greg. “I wake up early and start by 6 am. I deal with all analysis and calculations made by the engineers to be implemented at the plants. It’s not an easy job, but no job is easy. Like I said, you have got to keep pushing yourself and get used to the habit. That simply is – life.”

Greg Sosson plans to visit Penn State Abington soon, and especially meet ROTC and engineering students. He is also an active donor of Penn State.


Written by Hinaa Noor


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  1. Very interesting and well written blog Ms. Noor! Mr. Sosson indeed sounds like an accomplished engineer and can serve as a strong role model for future engineers.

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