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Penn State Abington Builds a Greenhouse

Penn State Abington just recently started a remarkable new project, the Building of a greenhouse! With the help of advisor, Kathy Fadigan, the fall 2014 Sustainability Leadership (SUST) 200 freshman seminar class was awarded a $12,000 grant to build a garden and greenhouse! Professor Fadigan has always advocated for conservation and environmental awareness as she also is a part of the CHANCE program with other PSU campuses. Over the next few semesters the students who partake in the SUST 200 class and others who would care to volunteer will be working to get the gardens up and running. The greenhouse, which had its official unveiling in November, is located in the field of the conference center, perfect with lots of space and on the same side of campus as the science classrooms in Woodland. 10355014_10152844038652528_1312424049744099960_nMany students came out to help dig up some ground and build the greenhouse. A small fire was also built to keep the volunteers warm. The goal of the greenhouse and gardens is to create a campus community garden for all students, faculty, and staff to utilize and enjoy!

You can also check out Dave Lisowski’s, (a student passerby), perspective on the student blog here: 20141119_113833


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