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Getting to know the Abington Alumni Society Board: Corie Gabriel ’04

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Corie Gabriel ’04

Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management with Focus in Financial Services

Who am I and what do I do?

After graduating from Penn State Abington in 2004, I lived and worked in Philadelphia for several years before moving to the San Francisco Bay area. For the past 6 years, I have lived in the New York City metro area working with an investment management firm in which I run a division where we help families and companies understand the best ways to meet their short and long term goals. I have just recently moved back to the Philadelphia area and live in Bucks County, PA with my wife, son, and dog. It’s good to be home. 

What position do you hold on the Alumni Board and why did you want to be part of it?

I am currently a board member and chairman of the fundraising committee on the Penn State Abington Alumni Society Board. I chose to get involved with the board, and more specifically head this committee, because I want to stay connected with Penn State Abington and have the opportunity to give back to a place I really enjoyed being involved with.

What are some of your favorite PSU Abington or PSU memories?

My favorite memory at Penn State Abington was when my friends and I volunteered to participate in a charity pudding wrestling match on campus during homecoming week. We put on a great show. I’m sure some of you remember it.


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