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Jacket Donation Drive!

A Message from the Education Club at Penn State Abington

The Education Club has been working diligently in our community to serve others. Recently, we formalized three community partnerships with elementary schools in Philadelphia and Norristown; the schools are Anne Frank, McClure and Hancock. Each semester our junior education students travel to the sites and engage in authentic teaching in order to better prepare them for the profession. In turn to represent our institution, PSU, we like to leave our mark with donations that are in need. The donations range anywhere from sidewalk chalk to pencils.

McClure Elementary has reached out to our club and expressed a need for jackets to warm the children during these cold months. McClure is a K-5 school located at 6th and Hunting Park Avenue in Philadelphia.  They need all types of jackets, hoodies, gloves, hats and scarves; they particularly are interested in larger teen sizes for the 4th and 5th graders. The goal of the Education Club is to bring 200 jackets to them on January 20th. If you are cleaning out your closets….please consider helping us warm the McClure children.

Drop off is easy- if you have items to share simply let Ann Martinelli by emailing know and you can drop them off at her office in 332 Sutherland.

Many thanks for your consideration & stay warm!


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