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Getting to know the Abington Alumni Society Board: Melonie Butler ’98

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Melonie Butler ’98- Letters, Arts and Sciences, Associates Degree

(I went on to complete my Bachelor’s at Temple University, as Penn State Abington did not offer my major at the time.)

Who am I and what do I do?

Melonie Butler, Founder, I Choose To Win

I Choose To Win is an organization that edifies, empowers and equips young women to live boldly, bravely and brilliantly using their God-given gifts to impact the world. The organization is a source of motivation, inspiration, networking, mentoring and resource-sharing.

What position do you hold on the Alumni Board and why did you want to be part of it?

As a former student leader on Penn State Abington’s campus, I had very fond memories of being engaged, supported and challenged. Many of the experiences that stayed with me helped shape my adult career journey and success in it. Naturally, I became an active alumna, participating in Lunch and Learn events, Speaking Engagements and Panel Sessions hosted by Penn State Abington. When I was presented with the opportunity to participate on the Alumni Board, I was excited to re-engage at a more strategic level. I love my years at Penn State Abington. I want to contribute to create a more expansive post-college experience for alumni and increase the alumni connection with the students and campus.

What are some of your favorite PSU Abington or PSU memories?

I remember performing part of Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream Speech in celebration of his legacy for the community-at-large. It was one of the first times I learned my comfort and ability to present to mass audiences.

I loved being part of the student-run paper, which changed names to the Lions Roar, during my tenure as a journalist and staff reporter.

I loved finding creative and thought-provoking ways to spend student activities fee money for talented, funny and controversial acts for Lares Common Break hours.

As a member of SGA and CCSG, the executive board would travel to different campuses that hosted leadership programs or seminars, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Once, there was a memorable trip to Boston, MA with my colleagues to obtain certification as a student leader. We all passed the test and became certified with a complete understanding of Robert’s Rules of Order. We had a blast. But, we managed to do the studying and networking, too.

I’ve got plenty of memories . . . ask and I will share more.

Why do I think it is important to give back to PSU Abington?

I think it is important to share the responsibility of ensuring the campus has what it needs to flourish in order to create an environment fostering activity, connection and education for students. As former students with a measure of success attributed to the time on campus, it’s up to alumni to engage and give a little of ourselves away to improve campus – and to engage students. Whether we offer opportunities to active students or young alumni, or attend networking events allowing students to practice interviewing skills, we can play a more integral role in fostering professional development and gaining an insight on new trends from students.


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