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Getting to know the Abington Alumni Society Board: Angel Aponte ’98

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Angel Aponte’98- Bachelor of Arts in Administration of Justice, Minor in Sociology

Who am I and what do I do?

I am a loving husband, dedicated father of 3 amazing children, man of faith, hard worker, and a competitor in all I do. I believe a healthy competition helps breed success.

Currently, I am the District Manager of 10 Home Depot stores in the states of FL, AL, and GA. I started with the company 18 years ago as a part-time cashier in the evenings as I completed my degree with Penn State. I would have been lying to you back then if I knew this is where I would be today. Completing my degree at PSU Abington, the connections I made through the support of a great staff and faculty, and a little hard work opened up many doors for me in Home Depot. I will be forever grateful to everyone who helped and guided me in Abington.


What position do you hold on the Alumni Board and why did you want to be part of it?

I serve the Board as a member and I am a part of the Scholarship Committee.

Being a part of the Alumni Board is just one way I can give back to a campus and University that has given me so much. Living in Florida makes it a bit of a challenge in that I want to do more, but I am glad I can contribute from a distance.


What are some of your favorite PSU Abington or PSU memories?

There are so many memories in Abington!

They started in the latter part of my freshman year when I started getting involved with campus life. Clubs and organizations such as the Latino Student Organization, Sigma Phi Omega, and the Student Government Association were all new to me. These clubs and organizations opened up a whole new world for me. Instead of being the shy introvert I was in high school I became more vocal and engaged with student life on campus. I realized you can have great grades while enjoying campus life and making a difference. I was so involved I was elected by the students to become Abington’s first Latino President of the Student Government Association (SGA) and it’s first reelected President. I was blessed with a team of students who truly cared for our campus. With their hard work and determination we accomplished many firsts for the student body and we helped strengthen the relationship/partnership with the faculty and staff.

I did not spend much time in Happy Valley since my major was offered in Abington, however, I could never forget during half time of the Michigan game, standing on the field in Beaver stadium being recognized along with every SGA president from the other campuses. It’s as if we were a part of the football team and game.


Why do I think it is important to give back to PSU Abington?

My parents taught me at a very early age whenever anyone treats you right or blesses you in any way; you find a way to honor them and give back. It’s not that they require it; it’s simply the right thing to do. You reap what you sow and when you sow good things a bountiful harvest of plenty awaits you.

Great people set the example and sowed into my life as a student at PSU Abington. I want to do the same and give back to a campus that has given me so much.


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